Tree Removal

Trees on Private Property

There are two types of tree-cutting permits required by the City of Mill Valley: one for trees on city property and one for trees on private property. The Department of Planning and Building oversees those on private property. 

The City of Mill Valley's Planning Department requires a permit to remove any Heritage tree, four (4) or more (non-Heritage) trees on a developed site per year, and removal of any tree from a vacant site without a permit. There are certain exceptions to the permit requirements based on tree size, emergencies and vegetative management. 

Here is a Summary of Tree Regulations(PDF) for the City of Mill Valley.

The Supplemental Application Form for Tree Removal Permit (PDF) provides the application requirements (submit with the Planning Application Form(PDF). The current fees for Tree Removal Permits can be found in the  Planning Fees Effective July 1, 2023 (PDF).  Please allow up to 30 days for the process and approval of these tree permits.

For more information regarding Private tree trimming or removals please email or call Planning Department at or 415- 388-4033. 

Trees on City Property

The Department of Public Works, Parks Supervisor oversees the application process for pruning and removal of trees on city property. A permit is required to trim, brace, alter or remove any tree on city property.  An Application for Pruning and Removal of City Trees (PDF), along with fee payment, must be turned into the Parks Department for processing prior to any work on city trees.

For more information regarding City tree trimming or removals, call the Department of Public Works at (415) 384-4800.