Well Being Mill Valley

Well Being | Mill Valley is the hub of the Recreation Department’s Health and Wellness initiatives. We currently have four areas of focus and program development— Arts & Culture, Health & Wellness, Outdoor Recreation and Environmental Stewardship.  

Our new community based “Health & Wellness” Center celebrates and supports the whole being -- mind, body and spirit.  We want to help you attain your fitness goals, support the overall wellness of the community and be your go-to Center of Preventative Health Care. 

We know as a City that we have an aging population in Mill Valley, with many individuals living independently on their own. Often community members have described feeling isolated, disconnected and shut in due to mobility issues and other healthy problems.  Our Health & Wellness initiatives provide ongoing opportunities to interact, stay active and stay connected as part of the social interaction and community engagement in arts and recreational activities. The Recreation Department also hopes to help reduce the high incidence of trips and falls in our community as part of this Wellness Program by helping folks actively age in place.  We believe that providing opportunities to build core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination will go a long way toward reducing the incidences of injuries and reducing the significant costs to the City from medical emergencies involving first responder 911 calls. 

For those looking for support in health and healing, our Wellness Program, Well Being / Mill Valley, includes an assortment of classes, workshops, groups, clinics and special events geared to feeding the mind, body and spirit of the whole person throughout the entire year. If you are looking for community & connectedness, join us at the Center and look for these new offerings coming your way!

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