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When scheduling, please have the following information ready:

  • ETrakIt User Name
  • ETrakIT Password
  • Permit Number
  • Property Address
  • Type of Inspection(s)

Inspections can only be scheduled for permits with the status "issued". If you applied online for a furnace, water heater or reroof permit, it was auto issued. We will email you when your permit cards are ready. 

We require 2 business days when scheduling inspection and you may schedule up to 7 days before the date you wish to request.

IMPORTANT: Work covered without inspection is subject to removal of covering or finishes.  Although we are available to provide guidance and answer questions, you are ultimately responsible for building code knowledge and compliance.

A permit will expire if more than 180 days have elapsed either from the date the permit was issued or between inspections. Additional fee(s) will be charged for permits that require renewal. 

Tutorials on How to Schedule your Inspection:

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What are your inspection hours? 

Approximate inspection time windows are 8:30-10:00am, 10:00am - noon, 1:00-4:30pm. 
No inspections every other Friday.   

Is it possible to schedule for a specific time?

We cannot provide specific inspection times. You can request an inspection to be early or late, but we cannot promise to accommodate you.

What do you mean by “contact person”?

Please ensure the contact person is the person who will actually be onsite. The contact phone number provided should be such that we can reach you immediately if there is a problem with your inspection the appointment. 

What if no one can be there? 

Although arrangements can be made for special circumstances, generally someone must be onsite to meet the inspector. We generally will not enter an occupied dwelling where no one is present and will not enter a property when the only person present is under 18 years of age. There are times when it can be useful to have someone on site who can perform small fixes. Missed inspections or re-inspections where previous corrections have not been completed may be subject to a reinspection fee. 

I have an inspection scheduled. What do I need to have available onsite for the inspector?

In addition to the permit card copy (which must be posted in a conspicuous location) the regular permit card, the City-approved set of plans, and any other related documents, must remain onsite at all times. 

Can plan revisions be made in the field?

Revisions must be submitted to the Building Department for review and approved before we can inspect the revised work. Any revision submittal must include a cover letter and, if submitted by architects or engineers, must be wet signed/ stamped.