East Blithedale Rehabilitation Project

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The April 21st Virtual Community Meeting Recording is available here.

Project Overview:

The City of Mill Valley recognizes East Blithedale Avenue as a vital corridor between downtown Mill Valley and Highway 101 as it serves as the northern gateway into the City’s residential, school and business areas.

The East Blithedale Avenue Rehabilitation Project is currently divided into 3 phases and the goal is to rehabilitate aging pavement conditions, install new bike lanes, upgrade existing traffic signals, and improve access. 

The project will interrupt the normal course of business and residential living in the projeast_blithedale_streetviewect area. The City is working to address key issues to minimize, where possible, construction-related impacts such as traffic congestion, noise, debris, parking, business operations, deliveries, and accessibility for residents, employees, and customers.

Project Update (January 2023)

East Blithedale Avenue is open to through traffic between Camino Alto and Downtown Mill Valley. Motorists may experience localized closures or flagged one-way traffic control until May 2023. We encourage motorists to use Miller Avenue to access Downtown Mill Valley.

Crews continue working on East Blithedale Avenue between Sunnyside Avenue and Amicita Avenue to allow for ongoing improvements with sanitary sewer, storm drainage, and concrete work, which involves replacing curb ramps, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveways. Work progression is weather dependent.

Upcoming in Early 2023:

  • Pacific Gas & Electric Company will relocate their natural gas main and service laterals on East Blithedale Avenue between East Drive and Elm Avenue (east). 
  • The anticipated start date is January 30, 2023, and the estimated duration of the project is 4 to 6 months. The scope of their work involves removing an aging steel natural gas main and replacing it with 2000 feet of fused 6” diameter plastic pipe. 
  • PG&E will notify residents of any gas shut-off when their service is connected to the new gas main. Flaggers will conduct one-way traffic control throughout the work.

Downtown Concrete Rehabilitation:

  • Work crews will continue the concrete work Downtown, progressing east from Grove Street to Elm Avenue (west). 
  • Flagged one-way traffic control is in effect and street parking on East Blithedale Avenue is available opposite the construction.
  • East Blithedale Rehabilitation Phase 3 - Mountain View Avenue to Elm Avenue (west): 
  • Argonaut Constructors will continue concrete work along the south side of East Blithedale Avenue.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Phase 3 (Sunnyside Avenue to East Drive):

  • On January 9th, Argonaut Constructors will install cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining within a 110 feet section of sanitary sewer adjacent to Boyle Park. This is a trenchless rehabilitation and restoration method used to repair existing pipes. 
  • During the installation, residents near the work will notice a chemical odor. This is the smell of styrene, a component of the resin used to saturate the sewer liner. This odor will quickly dissipate once the installation process is complete. 
  • Residents are free to use dishwashers, laundry, sinks, showers, and toilets as usual.

Thank you for your continued patience as work continues to progress!

Project Map:
East Blithedale Phase 1 complete

Some key design features include:

  • Pavement rehabilitation 
  • Widening sidewalks at three utility pole locations
  • Installing approximately 43 new ADA compliant curb ramps
  • Widening the sidewalk in front of Boyle Park
  • Installing Class III bike lane street markings from Sunnyside Avenue to Sycamore Avenue
  • New bike route signing and striping improvements at the Millwood Avenue and Sycamore Avenue intersections
  • Extending curbs ramps (bulb-outs) at Sunnyside Avenue, Mountain View Avenue, Dell Street, Thalia Street, East Drive, and Mesa Avenue.
  • Installing rectangular rapid flashing beacons at six uncontrolled crosswalks
  • Sewer repair and lateral replacement


Phase I construction: Complete! 
Phase II & III construction: April 2022 - October 2023

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