Display Case Policy

(Revised and adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on January 7, 1999)

General Policy:

This policy refers to the glass display case in the lobby entrance of the Mill Valley Public Library. Other Library display areas are reserved for Library use only.

The lobby display case may be used to display local educational, historical, or artistic exhibits.

Library use of the display case takes priority over other exhibits.

A non-Library exhibit may not directly or indirectly solicit funds, sell merchandise, or contain financial promotion of any kind.

Conditions and Procedures for use:

Because of the limited amount of exhibit space available in the Library, use of exhibit space will be on a first come, first served basis.

Exhibitor is fully responsible for property exhibited. The City of Mill Valley is unable to assume responsibility for, among other things, the accidental breakage of articles of a fragile nature or for changes in color, odor, texture or finish, evaporation, dampness or shrinkage. Furthermore, every person, firm, association or corporation who or which displays in the Mill Valley Public Library shall by acceptance of these rules forever hold harmless the City of Mil Valley, and any and all of its elective and appointive boards, commissions, officers, servants, agents, and employees from any damage by reason of injury to, or loss of, any item displayed, except as noted above, and from any damage to the individual/club/organization representative(s) by reason of any personal injury occurring on the installation or removal of any item displayed, whether or not any Library equipment is in use at said time.

Political candidates will not be granted use of the display case because it would not be possible to grant all candidates equal time.

Exhibits may be booked for 2 week periods.

Exhibits may be scheduled up to one year in advance of the exhibit by contacting Kristen Clark at 415-384-4730.

Exhibitor is responsible for installing and removing the exhibit according to the arrangements made with Kristen Clark at 415-384-4730.