Environmental Stewardship

photo of tulips up close in a field

Environmental Stewardship involves the creation of sustainable gardens including pollinator corridors, water-wise gardens, and native plantings. Designated gardens will also serve the purpose of educating the public about plant types and sustainable gardening. The plan for sustainable garden “islands” throughout Mill Valley involves garden projects already established or in the process of being built including the City Hall garden, the Library SmartGarden, and the Fire Resistant Garden at the Public Safety Building.

Why get involved?

  • To continue the spirit of community volunteerism embodied by Bloomathon for the past 30 years.
  • To increase biodiversity in town.
  • To attract and provide housing to native insects, birds, and wildlife.
  • To help reduce pesticide use in Mill Valley.
  • To reduce water use in community gardens.
  • Sustainable gardens require less maintenance for City workers.

Become a Part of the Project

  • We need you to help make this vision possible.
  • Find Out about Volunteer Opportunities.
  • Start Your Own Sustainable, Pollinator Garden.
  • You can help us create native, pollinator corridors between City gardens.

Our vision for this program includes ongoing education and on-site information to help residents learn about beneficial plants and gardening methods. Stay in touch for more information on classes and events.

Map of the bloomathon

A. SmartGarden

A demonstration garden at the Mill Valley Public Library that teaches the importance of native plants and the necessity of water management through the harvesting of water.

Pictured: Library SmartGarden Design

B. City Hall Garden

The City Hall garden will include two individual gardens. One garden is a Redwood/Mixed Evergreen native garden. The other, ‘Bell Garden’ is a native wildflower garden. 

Pictured: Salvia Spathacea

C. Boyle Park Creek Restoration

Creek restoration done in conjunction with the County of Marin and STRAW.

Pictured: Rhamnus Californica

D. Golf course Beneficial Insect Garden

Planting designed to attract beneficial predatory insects to help reduce insecticide use at the Golf Course.

Pictured: Achillea Millefolium

E. Fire Resistant Garden

The fire resistant demonstration garden provides homeowners examples of fire resistant, drought tolerant, and deer-proof plants of multiple colors and textures.

Pictured: Lavandula

F. Bayfront Meadow

The Bayfront Meadow has been planted by volunteers during Mill Valley Beautification Days and includes plants you would find in a native meadow.

Pictured: Salvia Clevelandii

G. Elizabeth Terwilliger Marsh

Restored by Bloomathon in 2001, the marsh attracts native wildlife, migratory birds, and includes native plants, a butterfly garden and hummingbird garden.

Pictured: Bloomathon Volunteers Restoring the Marsh in 2004. 

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