Housing Resources

Purchasing a Home in Mill Valley

If you are thinking of purchasing a home in Mill Valley, the following resources are available to you:

Look for a Resale Building Report (RBR) that notes potential illegal construction or safety concerns associated with a property. This report should be included as part the disclosures packet on a property, and is also available at the Planning and Building Department.  Planning and Building files (LINK) - Each property has a planning file with past planning applications and a building file with a past history of building permits on file.  These files are available to the public during City Hall hours at the Planning and Building Department (LINK) or online (LINK). Marin Map - MarinMap provides data on each parcel within the City, including land use, zoning and floodplain info: www.marinmap.org (LINK)

Home Improvements 

If you are thinking of making improvements to your home, please see the Planning & Building Department (LINK) homepages to determine the review approval process that will be required for your project.  If you are interested in reporting work being conducted without permits, see the Code Enforcement homepage (LINK) for more details.

  • Properties in a FEMA Floodplain - Properties located within the AE Flood Zone, AO Flood Zone or FEMA floodway require special review and/or approval.  See the Floodplain Management (LINK) page for details.

Construction Grants, Loans & Financing

Affordable Housing - Purchasing and Rental Assistance

Marin Housing Authority administers rental assistance programs, and opportunities to purchase below market rate homes to qualifying first time homeowners. 

Short-Term Rentals

Registration and payment of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) required within the City of Mill Valley.  Click here for more information.

Resources for Seniors

The County of Marin provides many services for seniors, including in home supportive services; hospital to home transition assistance; and adult protective services, among others. For more information, go to Aging and Adult Services (LINK)

See Home Match (LINK) information below also about sharing space in exchange help with light household duties.

Third party housing guide for seniors. This guide offers clear and practical insights into the qualification process for low-income housing and valuable tips on locating an affordable home. You can access this guide here (LINK)

Home Match: Looking for a Roommate or Sharing your Home?  

Home Match Marin helps homeowners benefit from the extra space in their home while giving supportive housemates an affordable place to live. Home Match pairs people based on personal preferences, house types, and interests. In a unique twist on the traditional rental agreement, sometimes the monthly fee is adjusted in exchange for services, such as grocery shopping, pet care, transportation, or other help around the house. For more information call 415-456-9068; or visit the City's Home Match webpage.

Fair Housing

The City of Mill Valley acknowledges individual’s rights to housing, as outlined in its Source of Income Ordinance (PDF).  The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage landlords to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program and to establish a right of tenants to be free of discrimination based on the source of their income or the use of rental subsidies and other rental programs.

Housing Disputes

For more information about the rights and obligations of landlords or tenants, click here.  Mill Valley also participates in mediation services provided by Marin County.

At Risk of Becoming Homeless

For help connecting with shelter and clothing services, utility and rent assistance, healthcare and counseling services and more call 211. 211 is an easy to remember, 24-hour, confidential toll-free phone number that connect callers with Marin community services, such as food, shelter, counseling, employment assistance, quality child care and more. Visit http://211bayarea.org/marin (LINK) for more information.