Can we make two right turns from Camino Alto onto East Blithedale?

At times of heavy traffic volumes, a second right turn lane from Camino Alto to East Blithedale would not help to move traffic along, as the bottleneck in the corridor starts at the Highway 101 overpass where competing traffic flows converge and cause traffic to back up to Camino Alto and beyond.

Our traffic engineer has looked at several alternatives to help move Camino Alto traffic onto East Blithedale, and the preferred alternative is to eliminate the U-turn on westbound East Blithedale at Camino Alto so that the right-turn green arrow can be turned on when East Blithedale is turning left onto Camino Alto. Right now, when that is happening, the right turning vehicles have a red light, and thus, need to come to a complete stop before turning. With the left-turn overlap (as it's called), the right turners will get a green arrow, and thus move more quickly onto East Blithedale. This idea will be implemented in the next few weeks.

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