OK, I think I’m ready to apply for a permit. What information does the City need to begin the process?

If the steps outlined in previous FAQs have been completed, and the information contained in your plans is compatible with the Building Permits - Plan Submittal Requirements handout, as well as the Residential Design Guidelines and /or the Residential Design Review Handbook, you should be ready to submit.

Certain circumstances exist when the submittal may be incomplete, but the incomplete items may become what is referred to as, a deferred submittal. A deferred submittal is an element, or elements, that need to be part of the submittal at some juncture, but not necessarily critical information as far as getting the project started. In other words, Building staff may be able to issue the permit, but the missing information will need to be provided at some pre-determined point; usually contingent on how the information could impact the approval process on the project.

For example, plans for a major renovation are submitted, but the calculations and structural design for the truss roof may not be complete. The calculations and structural design will not affect the aesthetic design of the roof, so the calculations and structural design become a deferred submittal. However, the submittal is only deferred until the roof sheathing is to be installed. If the calculations and structural design have not been submitted to and approved by the Building Department staff prior to this juncture, work on the roof cannot progress, and there is a chance the project could be stopped altogether.

There may be many variations on deferred submittals, but the caveat is that the missing information cannot change the nature of the project as originally submitted. If it does, it becomes a revision and is subject to separate criteria.

If you are unsure if your project contains all the necessary information for submittal, a conversation with Building Department staff should provide the clarity necessary to get your submittal complete.

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