Homeowners Associations and Neighborhood Associations

The City holds Neighborhood Association meetings to engage Neighborhood Association members in a conversation with City officials and other neighborhood leaders to find ways to work together in an active partnership.

There are a number of active Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations in Mill Valley. Click here for a map of known Neighborhood Association and Homeowners Associations.

Not all Neighborhood Association and Homeowner Association representatives want their contact information made public. Below is a list of representatives that have elected to be included on our website.

If you would like your Homeowners or Neighborhood Association listed, or if you need to make changes to a current listing, please contact webmaster@cityofmillvalley.org.

Blithedale Highlands Homeowners Association
Contact: Jack Pesso, President
Email: blithedalehighlands@outlook.com

Cornelia Avenue Neighborhood Association
Contact: Maggie Lang
Email: mgg_lang@yahoo.com
Phone: (415) 388-1327

Eucalyptus Knoll Neighborhood Association
John Antonelli, President 
Email: mvfg@aol.com  
Phone: (415) 225-3909

Freeman Park Neighborhood Association
Boundaries/streets: Ryan and Nelson Avenue
Richard Dimaio, President
Email: richard.dimaio@gmail.com
Susan Kirsch, Vice-President
Email: susankirsch@hotmail.com

Mill Valley Heights Homeowners Association
Contact: Betsy Bikle, President
Email: betsy.w.bikle@alum.wellesley.edu
Phone: (415) 388-4649

Mill Valley Meadows Homeowners Association 
Contact: Gloria Rashti, President 
Email: exlab@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (415) 381-6680

Old Mill Neighborhood Association
Contact: Evan Cross, President
Phone: (415) 383-8828

Parkwood Association of Neighbors
Contact: Natasha Boas, President
Contact: Mitch Wortzman,Vice-President
Email: parkwoodneighborhood-oak@yahoo.com

Scott Highlands Neighborhood Association
Contact: Paul Chuljian chulies@sbcglobal.net and Dan Dahlgren, Co-Presidents
Email: scottshighland@gmail.com

Scott Valley Homeowners' Association
Contact: Francine Millman, President
Contact: John Palmer, Vice President
Email: info@scottvalleyhoa.org
Phone: (415) 388-5809

Shelter Bay Homeowners Association
Contact: Trudy Morrison, District Manager
Eugene Burger Management Corporation
Email: TrudyMorrison@ebmc.com
Phone: (415) 382-1514

Shelter Ridge Homeowners Association
Website: www.shelterridge.com 
Contact: Jodi Abbott-Robinson 
Community Association Manager
Common Interest Management Services
315 Diablo Road, Suite #221, Danville, CA 94526
925.743.3080 ext. 253  925.743.3084 fax

Sunrise Pointe Homeowners Association
Contact:  Carol Luckenbach, President
Email: carol@carolluckenbach.com
Phone: 415-297-7403

Tamalpais Ave. Neighborhood Association
Contact: Catherine Stone, Coordinator
Email: psyche113@sbcglobal.net

Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association
Contact: Burton Miller, President 
Email: burtonmilleraia@gmail.com

West Blithedale Canyon Neighborhood Association
Contact: George Cagwin, Co-Chair

Contact: Carrie Brandes, Co-Chair
Email: carrie.brandes@comcast.net