Website Walkthrough

Welcome to the new City of Mill Valley Website!

Thank you for visiting the new City of Mill Valley Website! We have designed and developed the new website based on your feedback, website traffic data, and input from staff from all departments in the City of Mill Valley. The new website uses responsive web design to adapt to your device or computer and includes improved search capabilities and navigation.

Help Us Make this Website Better
We will continue to work on improving the site based on website traffic and input from the public. Click here to take a survey and tell us how we can make the website easier for you.

Getting Started with the New Website

Where are my favorite pages?

We have tried to make it easy to find the information you are looking for on the new site but just in case you can't find your favorite page, here is a list of the top visited pages from our old site with links to their new location.

Mill Valley Public Library
City of Mill Valley – Contact Us
Mill Valley Recreation Job Openings
Community Center City Calendar of Events
Aquatics & Fitness Library Hours and Directions
Library Event Calendar Webcasting Meeting Archive
Pool Schedule Planning and Building
Gym & Pool Fees Police Department 
Recreation Activities Frequently Asked Questions

Homepage Header and Navigation

Image of homepage header

The main navigation for the website features a drop down "mega menu" and a quick drop down menu allowing you to browse by department.

Search - The website search engine integrates Google Search to make it easier to find the pages you are looking for. As traffic to the new site grows we will continue to improve search results based upon traffic data and analytics. 

Icon Tray - The icon tray offers one-click access to popular sections of the website. Use the arrows to view additional icons or swipe on mobile.

Trending Topics - The trending topics section showcases popular current issues or pages that many website users are looking for. Topics will change seasonally or as community issues arise.

Mega Menu / "How Do I" Menu

Image of Mega Menu

The mega menu allows you to find the pages you are looking for without hunting through directories on the site. We have used the "How Do I" menu to consolidate some of the most popular pages on the site to make it easier to find the information you are looking for.

Homepage Calendar

Image of homepage calendar

The homepage calendar includes 3 tabs to see the variety of public meetings and events hosted throughout the City. Because of the high volume of events within the Library and Recreation Departments we have created tabs to allow you to toggle between types of events. Clicking on a particular day on the calendar will bring you to a page showing all events happening that day.

By clicking "View All" you can visit the City wide event calendar.

Navigating interior pages

image of interior page navigation

As you browse the website there are a number of ways you can navigate to the pages you are looking for.

Getting to the home page - Click the title "City of Mill Valley" in the upper left hand corner to get back to the home page.

Bread Crumb Navigation - Bread crumb navigation will show you where you are in the website. Pages are organized in folders, like files on your computer. You can move up to root folders by using the bread crumb navigation. 

Going back to a root folder - As you navigate within a section of the website you may go into more detailed pages within each department. You can use the bold heading above the sidebar navigation to move back to a root directory.

Sidebar buttons - Throughout the website the sidebar buttons will allow you to get to popular or high traffic pages within each department. These buttons may vary depending on which department pages you are visiting.


My City Portal

Image of My City Portal

The My City portal allows you to create a unique account for the website giving you the option to:

  • Create a list of favorite pages
  • Create a news feed based on your favorite news categories
  • Create a Calendar feed based on your favorite event types
  • Make service requests and check the status of current service requests
  • Manage your email subscriptions

Image of My City homepage

While you are logged into the website through the My City portal you will be able to favorite pages on the website by clicking the "star" icon next to each page title.

Image of Interior page after logging in