Miller Avenue Streetscape Project

On March 19, 2018, the Mill Valley City Council adopted a Resolution accepting as complete the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project. This project webpage serves as an archive for the project. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the project.

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 The Miller Avenue “Streetscape” refers to roadway and sidewalk elements located in the public right of way, including sidewalks, bike lanes, travel lanes, curb areas, medians and landscaping. The overall goal of the project is to make Miller Avenue a safe, efficient, and enjoyable street for all users: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, transit users, business people, shoppers and visitors. Likewise, the Miller Avenue roadway design must balance the needs and functions of the street--as a transportation thoroughfare, a healthy commercial district, respectful neighbor & social gathering place.

Project Area:

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Project extends from Sunnyside to Almonte-- approximately 1.8 miles. There are five "rooms" within this project area that characterize the look and feel of the area along the street. Main components of the Streetscape Project include establishing a continuous bike lane from Sunnyside to Almonte, sidewalk repair and widening in some sections, improvements to bus shelters, and improvements to the drainage and pavement of the actual roadway. Click here for a larger image of the rooms below.

Planned Work
Passage: Sunnyside-Millwood
Pavement Re-Surfacing
Sidewalk/Ramp Repair
New Inbound Sidewalk
Sewer Repair
Restriping (including buffered BikeLanes-completed)
Parkway: Millwood-Willow
Pavement Re-surfacing
Sewer Repair
Restriping (including bike lanes)
Locust-Willow: 2 hour parking
Mainstreet: Willow-Reed/Valley Circle
Street Realignment (road, bike, parking, transit, sidewalk)
New Paving
Restriping (including buffered bike lanes)
Evergreen Flashing Pedestrian Crossing
Sewer Repair
Landscaping and Rain Gardens
Modified Parking Regulations
Gateway: Reed/Valley Circle-Camino Alto
Pavement Re-Surfacing
Restriping (including buffered bike lane)
Sidewalk/Ramp Repair
Reed/Valley Circle Flashing
Pedestrian Crossing
Sewer Repair
Modified Parking Regulations
Marsh: Camino Alto-Almonte
Pavement Re-Surfacing
Sidewalk/Ramp Repair
Restriping (including buffered bike lane)
Connection to Multi-Use
Drainage Improvements

Streetscape Plan

The original streetscape plan is available under "Project Documents." Since its adoption, the project has undergone further refinements to address detailed engineering, project costs and funding. Detailed construction-related drawings are available under "Construction & Schedule Updates" See section drawings below for basic depiction of the proposed work by "room."

Passage Sunnyside to Millwood For a section drawing, click here.
Parkway Millwood to Willow

For a section drawing, click here.

Main Street Willow to Reed For a section drawing, click here.
Gateway Reed to Camino Alto/Almonte For a section drawing, click here.
Marsh Camino Alto-Almonte For a section drawing, click here.