Development of the Streetscape Plan

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan is a community-based plan, that has been developed based on the input and guidance by community members through various committees.  Scroll to the bottom to see photos.

Development and Adoption of the Streetscape Plan (2009-2011). A Design Advisory Committee (DAC) was assembled in 2009 by the City Council to assist the community and design team in finalizing a conceptual streetscape design. The DAC was comprised of one liaison each from City Council and Planning Commission, and five citizens appointed for their particular professional expertise and knowledge of the community.

Input and dialogue with the community was continuous throughout the process and utilized different forms in an attempt to reach out and receive input from as many community members as possible. Community involvement activities included:

Design Advisory Committee Meetings: 
Fourteen DAC meetings were held between 2009-2011. This seven-member committee was instrumental in the overall community process—from developing the Request for Proposal and selection of a design firm to providing direction and recommendations based on technical data, information and community input.

Focus Groups: 
Over the course of the project, focus group and coordination meetings were held with interested civic and stakeholder groups. These meetings provided an opportunity to share information about the project, gain feedback, and discuss specific information on critical topics of interest. These coordination meetings typically occurred prior to the public meetings to refine design options, and to engage a wider audience beyond those individuals that attend the DAC meetings.

Workshop/ Open Houses: 
Open houses were hosted by the design team to gather input from the community at two points in the process.  An initial Open House was held during the first phase of the design process to explore initial ideas with the community based on project background and previous work. The Open House was held on the Plaza during Memorial Day, which allowed the project team to capture thoughts, ideas and feedback from a large diverse mix of community members outside of those that regularly attend public meetings. A Public workshop was then hosted in June 2010 to review and discuss design explorations. Attendees gathered in small groups to discuss the conceptual options, weighing tradeoffs and benefits. A final Open House was held toward the end of the second phase of the design process to refine the design of the street and incorporate Mill Valley’s character into the streetscape by way of streetscape furnishings, paving materials, and landscaping. Community members were asked to identify the features and designs that they  “liked” and “disliked” as a representation of Mill Valley character.

On July 6, 2011 the City Council adopted the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan.

2008 Miller Avenue Streetscape Task Force Meeting

2009 Walking Tour

2009 Study Session

2010 Stakeholder Focus Group meeting.

2010 Focus Group meeting

2010 Miller Avenue Community Workshop

2010 Miller Avenue Open House at the Memorial Day Parade

2015 Miller Avenue Open House