Community Emergency Response Team

Are you someone who takes action when you see someone in need of help? Do you enjoy contributing to your community? In a large scale disaster, both self-reliance and the use of volunteers under professional guidance will be necessary. The Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) is designed to emphasize hands-on experience and is taught by Fire Department personnel. Topics covered include emergency preparedness disaster first aid/triage and fire prevention utilities and light search and rescue.

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)
2020 Class Schedule
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Registration Information: Individuals: $50 To Register: Click here  to go to the Marin County website.


In a large scale disaster, both self-reliance and the use of volunteers under professional assistance will be necessary. With this in mind, the fire departments and districts in Marin County are offering a program in Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) for civilians.

The CERT program and manual were developed under the auspices of the Marin County Disaster & Civilian's Corps Council (DC3) based on the Federal CERT program. This 20 hour training is designed to emphasize hands-on experience, and is taught to Marin County residents by Marin Fire Agency personnel. The following classes will train and prepare volunteers to achieve higher level of skills in:

  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Disaster First Aid/Triage
  • Fire Prevention/Suppression
  • Light Search and Rescue
  • Utilities ( recognition/controlling)

In Southern Marin, the following five Fire Departments and Districts have joined together to teach the CERT program.

  • Mill Valley Fire Department
  • Tiburon Fire District
  • Marin County Fire Department
  • Southern Marin Fire District
  • Larkspur Fire Department

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All trainees receive a CERT file guide. Upon completion, each trainee will receive a disaster service worker identification card, backpack, helmet, vest and a certificate of completion. For those of you who have completed the Basic CERT Training course, the next step is to increase your training by completing higher level CERT courses.

Join Mill Valley's Community Emergency Preparedness Team (CERT) and work alongside emergency personnel to help your community during an emergency. To qualify, take Marin County's 20-hour CERT training, given monthly in alternating cities in Marin.