Warnings and Alerts

Download a PDF of emergency phone numbers and local alert information


Emergency Alerts to Your Phone

Alert Marin - Enter your telephone number and email address and this County-wide program will give you a call, text, or email if there is an emergency. 

Public Safety Alerts

Nixle - Nixle is for local public safety alerts and is operated by the Mill Valley Police Department. Alerts can be sent to your phone or email. 

Also, please check out the following:

City of Mill Valley Website - Check here first for newseventsFAQs, and information related to government programs and services.

Nextdoor - Nextdoor is a private neighborhood website where residents share information such as  neighborhood public safety issues, community events and activities, local services, referrals and lost pet information.

PG&E Outage Map - Monitor power outages in your area.


City of Mill Valley - General news and updates on a wide range of City issues. Traffic alerts and emergency notifications.

Police - Traffic alerts, public safety notifications, emergency notifications.


City of Mill Valley - General information about all kinds of happenings in Mill Valley.

MVTraffic- Monitor local traffic conditions.

LRAD Sirens

In 2019 the City of Mill Valley installed new and more powerful emergency sirens to replace our aging system. These sirens are known as “LRADs” – Long Range Acoustic Devices - and they project both siren and voice recordings to alert and inform community members during a large-scale disaster. These new sirens will be the first land-based LRAD system in Marin County.

The purchase and installation of the LRAD system goes a long way to improve the resiliency and redundancy of our communication systems. LRAD systems are highly effective in communicating warnings, instructions, and notifications throughout incident sites and over vast areas during life-threatening events.

Where are the LRAD sirens? The LRAD sirens are located in Cascade, Blithedale and Warner Canyons, plus Scott Valley and atop Mill Valley City Hall.

What will they sound like? Click here to hear the monthly test message.

When will you use them? In the event of a disaster or large-scale emergency, one or all of the sirens may be activated to alert residents to tune into local media (City website, social media, radio and television stations) for further information and instructions.

DON'T CALL 911... 

when you hear sirens. Use 911 for life-threatening emergencies only. The City of Mill Valley emergency warning system is tested on the first Saturday of each month at noon. If you hear the siren at any other time, tune in to KQED 88.5 FM, KCBS 740 AM or KGO 810 AM and local TV stations for further information.