Mutual Threat Zone Plan

Mt. Tamalpais 
Mutual Threat Zone
Response Plan
Revised 05-11-2007Background

Mt. Tamalpais presents and enormous fire problem for the communities surrounding the mountain.  The potential magnitude of this fire affecting the surrounding communities has been documented many times.
The Fire Departments and Fire Districts that ring Mt. Tamalpais, and have Local Response Area (LRA) responsibility, have traditionally utilized and alarm matrix system for the dispatch of resources.  The Marin County Fire Department, as a Contract County for Cal Fire responsible for  the State Response Area (SRA), utilizes Type and Number dispatching based on current and predicted fire danger.  A fire in the Mt. Tamalpais MTZ would result in a deployment of resources of both LRA and SRA.


Wildland fires occurring in the Mt. Tamalpais Mutual Threat Zone (MTZ) must be considered immediate threats to the local communities.  The local community threat coupled with the possibility of "multiple day fires" leads each Incident Commander to long term fire planning.  It is with this in mind that the MTZ Plan has been developed.  It serves as a planning document for the initial attack IC.  The Incident Command System (ICS) is the management tool that will be employed for this type of incident.  

The MTZ plan addresses the issues of MTZ Activation, Communications, Resource Ordering, Facilities, Trigger Points, supplemental forms and transition to a management team.

The purpose of the plan is to provide an initial planning document for an initial attack IC and subsequent Unified Commanders for a Mt.Tamalpais MTZ fire.


  • To provide for rapid mobilization of resources
  • To provide for Unified Command decision making.
  • To provide for coordinated utilization of resources.
  • To provide for structure protection.
  • To provide methods to control and contain a MTZ fire with minimal loss.
  • To provide direction, in conjunction with Law Enforcement Officials in the event evacuations are needed.