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eComments are available for live, real time City Council, Parks and Recreation Commission and Planning and Building Commission Meetings. 

Please read the following requirements for submitting live, real time eComments.

eComment Requirements

  • Each individual is limited to one eComment per Agenda Item. All additional eComments sent by the same individual for the same Agenda Item will not be read out loud during the meeting but will be recorded into the public record after the meeting has been adjourned.
  • Staff will read each eComment into the record for no longer than 2 minutes. Please limit your eComment to 200-250 words as this is the approximate word count of reading aloud for two minutes. All eComments will be included in their entirety in the public record after the meeting.
  • Please note there is a 20 second delay in the live webcast. All eComments may be submitted at any time during the live meeting and do not have to wait until the Mayor or Chair calls for public comment. In order to ensure that City staff receive your comment, please send your comment as early in the meeting as possible.

Send an eComment:

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Public Communications:
To view all public comment on City Council meeting items, please visit the
Meeting Videos and Agendas Archive page. Under the “Upcoming Events” section, click on the link titled “Agenda” next to the corresponding meeting. All comments sent via email address prior to the meeting will be linked to a PDF document underneath the respective Agenda Item number and titled “Public Communication.”

City Council Special Circumstances: When an item has more than 5 eComments received after 4 pm on the day of the regularly scheduled meeting, staff will upload these communications to this folder, and Council will recess to review them. Community members will have access to this folder and may view the communications as well. 

Disclaimer: Your comments will be read aloud during Public Open Time and/or during the public comment period for a specific Agenda Item. They will become part of the written public record located at City Hall. All comments sent via email or through the eComment form will be reviewed prior to being sent to the Council/Commission or being read aloud during the live meeting. Comments containing abusive or profane language may not be forwarded to the Council/Commission, nor read aloud during the live meeting or included in the public record.

The City is not responsible for the speed of the internet and will not be held accountable if an email or eComment is not received in time to be read aloud during the live meeting. All comments received after the Mayor/Chair has closed Public Open Time or the public comment period for a specific Agenda Item will be added into the public record after the meeting has been adjourned.