City Council Liaison Assignments

City Council members serve as representatives of the City of Mill Valley for a number of local and regional agencies. If you would like to learn more, click on the agencies listed in blue - they are linked to the agency's homepage.   

Formal Joint Powers Authority (JPA) or Standing Appointments:
Association of Bay Area Governments Vacant
Community Development Block Grant Carmel McEntee
Marin Clean Energy
Sausalito Representation N/A
Richardson Bay Regional Agency Wickham  Vacant
Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin McCauley  Carmel
Southern Marin Emergency Medical Paramedic System     Wickham Vacant
Transportation Authority of Marin Carmel McCauley
 Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority  McEntee  McCauley
Marin County Council of Mayors and Councilmembers (MCCMC) Appointments:
Legislative Committee McEntee McCauley
Sea Level Rise Committee Vacant


Homelessness Vacant  McEntee
Disaster Preparedness  McEntee Vacant
Marin Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo)  McEntee  N/A
City Council Standing Committee Appointments:
 Housing Advisory Committee McCauley and Carmel  N/A
Ad-Hoc City Council Committee Appointments:
The Depot Lease Committee McCauley and Wickham  
 Other Appointments:    
 Chamber of Commerce Liaison  Carmel  McCauley
 Mill Valley School District Liaison  McEntee Vacant
 Safe Routes to School   Carmel  Vacant
 Mill Valley CERT Steering Committee Liaison Vacant   N/A
Public Disaster Education and Preparedness (PDEP) Committee of Marin Disaster & Citizens Corps Council (DC3) Liaison  Vacant   N/A
 League of California Cities - Revenue and Taxation Policy Committee  McEntee   N/A