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The Planning & Building Department oversees and enforces policies and regulations that govern the use and development of a property.  The Planning Department also oversees long-range planning efforts, associated with the on-going implementation and update to the Mill Valley General Plan.

Helpful Hints

  • The City’s Land Use Map establishes land use and densities.
  • The City’s Zoning Map sets forth the regulations and development standards for a property (see Municipal Code below).
  • City regulations are contained in the Mill Valley Municipal Code.
    • Title 5, Building Code: establishes constructions standards.
    • Tile 20, Zoning Code: describes the Development Review Process; Development Standards (heights, set back, lot coverage, use, parking requirements); and Use (permitted, conditionally permitted or prohibited)
  •  Property Information, including zoning/land use and FEMA Floodplain designations, permit activity and planning approvals is available here.
  • Maps illustrating property information including zoning, land use and Floodplain designations is available at

Planning & Building Application and Handout Materials 

Projects Currently Under Development Review 

Staff reports and supporting information for projects under planning review can be found based on the date of the hearing for a project, which are posted on public notices located on site; mailed to residences in close proximity; or by contacting the Planning Department. For a calendar of meetings and events, click here.

City-Related Projects and Policy Guidance

Mill Valley 2040 (MV2040) General Plan is a visionary, long range document that guides and directs the City in terms of implementing policies, programs and resources. The policies and programs identified in the General Plan are based on the City’s expressed values and vision of the community relating to the physical, social, environmental and economic character of the community.  The City’s General Plan was last adopted in 2013 and serves as a basis for decisions that affect all aspects of our community’s daily lives such as transportation, land use, streets and infrastructure, parks, housing and neighborhoods, recreation and community facilities, downtown, the environment, public health and safety, education, and flooding.

SASM Master Plan
ADA Transition Plan
Community Center Solar Project
Miller Avenue Streetscape Project
Traffic Committee Report
Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan


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