Planning Forms & Resources

The Mill Valley Municipal Code provides for stringent regulation of the use and improvement of land, buildings and other structures to best protect our city's natural beauty and special character.  Forms, handouts and guidelines are developed based on the City's General Plan and Municipal Code, and are outlined below. 

Planning Resources- Key Information

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
Commonly Used Terms  
Basic Development Standards and Zoning Information for RS (Single-Family) Zones
Do You Live in City Limits? Some Mill Valley addresses (such as those in Strawberry, Tam Valley, Homestead, Almonte and Alto) are actually in unincorporated portions of Marin County -- out of our jurisdiction. Check your street address here to find out.
General Plan The General Plan provides policy guidance on housing, land use, conservation, safety, natural hazards and transportation. This document helps guide the type of development that the City desires, where it should be located and how it should be regulated.  Click here for the General Plan's Land Use Map and Allowable Density.
Municipal Code Municipal Code -See Title 20 for Development Standards & Permitted Uses by Zoning District; Parking Standards Diagram
Zoning Map 

The Zoning Map specifies the types of land use that are allowed and prohibited for each zone. Once you have determined the zoning for a property, see Title 20 of the Municipal Code for development standards, uses, and other regulations for each zoning district. Zoning search tool by address.

Online Maps  Go to to search a parcel.  Zoning, Land Use, and Floodplain Information can be added to view in association with parcels.  Click here for Parcel Maps.
Property Information

Our online database provides access to planning and building records and general property information, such as zoning and general plan land use designations, assessor data (such as lot size) and floodplain designation.


Fee Schedule (Planning fees only, see Building Department for permit and impact Fees)

Construction loans for Low-Income households.

Affordable Housing   Summary of Affordable Housing Requirements (Single Family, Mixed-Use and Multi-Family Development with construction valuation over $100,000 subject to requirements).
Floodplain Management If your are conducting work on a property within the floodplain, please click here for more information.  Click here for the Substantial Improvement Worksheet
Construction Management Plans  The City of Mill Valley requires many builders and developers to prepare a Construction Management Plan (CMP) that takes into account all relevant aspects of building or demolition work. Please download the City of Mill Valley Construction Management Plan Guidelines for more information.
 Generators Guide for Generators 

Planning Forms-Primary Application Materials

Main Application Main Planning Application
Application Checklist Design Review Application Checklist
Development Standards & Design Guidelines

Municipal Code (Title 20 contains development standard by Zoning District)

Single Family Zoning DistrictsBasic Zoning Information for RS (Single Family) ZonesSingle Family Design Guidelines (Adopted 2019)

Multi-Family, Mixed Use and Downtown Residential: Design Guidelines and Development Standards (Adopted 2016)

Commercial: Commercial Design Guidelines  Commercial Design Guidelines (Adopted 1989)

Supporting Information 

Floor Area Worksheet  Adjusted Floor Area Worksheet
Study Session Requirements  Study Session Requirements
Story Pole Certifications Story Pole Certification

Supplemental Application Materials

Address Change Request for Change of Address 
Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

ADU Materials (summary of standards, example ADU types, building permit information and deed restriction); ADU Ordinance;

For additional tools, such as floor plans and financial calculators, go to

Construction loan opportunities in exchange for renting out the ADU to an Affordable Household.

Home Match program connecting homeowners with community members in need of housing. 

Preliminary Research and Review Preliminary Research  & Review Application
Tree Removal Tree Removal Permits;
Tree Permit Application/Guide to Tree Regulations
Fences Fence Permit / Guide to Fence Regulations
Use  Conditional Use Permit
Short Term Rentals Short Term Rental Registration Process 
Variance Supplemental Application for Variance
Signage Sign Permit
Outdoor Dining & Display Outdoor Dining Permit / Outdoor Display Permit
Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit  Temporary Outdoor Business Use Guide
Subdivision, Lot Line Adjustments and Merger See Municipal Code Title 21 and Lot Line AdjustmentNotice of Merger
Supportive Housing Checklist  Supportive Housing Checklist 2019
Tentative Maps Tentative Tract Map Tentative Parcel Map
Fire Prevention Landscape Fire Prevention Landscape Requirements Link
Fire Wise Landscaping Video
Green Building Requirements

Summary of Requirements 

Residential Major Additions, Tear Downs and New 
Residential Minor Addition 
Nonresidential Minor Additions and Alterations 
Nonresidential Major Additions, Tear Downs and New

 Wireless Telecommunications  Wireless Application
 SB 330 Click here for the SB 330 Checklist for qualifying mixed use projects.
 Other Permits Click here for road closure, encroachment, sewer connection, grading, watercourse modification permits