Richardson Terrace/ 575 E. Blithedale

Proposed Project

A preliminary application has been received for a mixed-use housing development project at 575 East Blithedale Avenue.  The proposal includes 25 residential units and 2,000 square feet of ground floor office space on a 1.2-acre site.


The preliminary application is currently under review by City staff to determine whether it is compliant with the preliminary application checklist established under Senate Bill 330 (California Gov. Code section 65941.1). The City cannot require submission of additional information in a preliminary application, beyond the basic project information expressly required by state law. If the preliminary application meets state law requirements, the applicant will have 180 days (or until January 5, 2021) to submit a full development application for the mixed-use housing project. Once a full application is submitted, the project will undergo a completeness review by staff, followed by environmental review.

Public Hearings

Public hearings will be scheduled to consider the mixed-use project once the application materials are determined to be complete and environmental review has been conducted. 

Planning staff will continue to provide updates to the community on the proposed project through e-mail notifications and updates to this website.

"FAQ" -  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. This project has a long history dating back to the early 2000’s.Why does the City call this a “new” project?

    The project applicant has submitted a new application, which the City has accepted for processing.  This application is subject to the current rules in place today, including state regulations and city regulations such as the City's adopted General Plan “MV2040”,  Multi-Family Design Guidelines, and Zoning  requirements (also called Development Standards) for projects of this type. 

    Previous applications have been withdrawn.  However, that does not mean that the City and decision makers are not aware of the extensive history surrounding the project. 

  2. What will happen to the prior Environmental Review documents (CEQA review/EIR)?

    The prior EIR was never completed and certified.  Since that time, some environmental factors, such as traffic, have changed and will require additional review and analysis.   Therefore, a new environmental document will be completed for the project.

  3. Why has the project name changed from “Blithedale Terrace” to “Richardson Terrace”?

The City already has a street and subdivision called Blithedale Terrace, and that neighborhood has requested that the new project go by a different name.  

Historic documents: from the prior applications

Draft EIR (Environmental Impact Report) (large file)

Final EIR (not adopted)

Neighborhood's Independent Environmental and Traffic Peer Review Assessment (2012)

Neighborhood Association Letters and Community Petitions (others available at City Hall)

Prior hearing links: April 30, 2012; March 26, 2012; May 10, 2010; June 12, 2006; October 28, 2004