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Contact Us


Emergency Line 911
Dispatch after hours (415) 446-4526



Mill Valley Police Department Office (415) 389-4100
Anonymous Tip Line (415) 721-4547
Fax (415) 389-4148



1 Hamilton Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941

The police station is open to the public Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm and Fridays from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.


Email Directory        

Chief of Police
Ignacio R. Navarro
Lieutenant   Jacqueline Graf-Reis
Lieutenant Lindsay Haynes
 Administrative Assistant  Dorothy Hancock
 Sergeant  Paul Wrapp
 Sergeant  Ryan Smith
 Sergeant  Shaun McCracken
 Sergeant   David Kollerer
 Sergeant Kyle Maxwell
 Corporal    Joshua Longoria
 Corporal   Petre Caldarulo
 Corporal  Elmer Arce
 Corporal   Richard Serrano
 Officer   Mario Medeiros
 Officer  Nick Neisius
 Officer  Dixon Stureman
 Officer   Mitchell Kofford
 Officer   John Lovos
 Officer                                   Zachary Zell                                         
 Officer  Bryant Daugherty
 Officer   Michael Puccetti
 Officer   Aaron Schmidt
Reserve Officer  David Goldstone
Parking Enforcement Officer  Elie Kashani
 Parking Enforcement Officer  Bridget Borba
 Records Specialist  Mallory Garcia
 Records Specialist  Wendy Aquilino
 Community Services Officer  Christopher DeLaTorre