Welcome to Department of Public Works Permit page.  Here you will find the following: 

Base Flood Elevation Certificate Application
Encroachment Permit 
Grading Permit  
Sewer Connection Permit
Tree Trimming/Removal Permit ( City Trees Only)  
Watercourse Modification Permit

In person services are limited to Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:00AM to Noon. All other times are available by appointment only.  All applications for encroachment, grading, and road closure/traffic delay permits are to be submitted online. 
For all other permits, please submit applications to: 

Do you live within Mill Valley city limits? Some Mill Valley addresses (such as those in Strawberry, Tam Valley, Homestead, Almonte and Alto) are actually in unincorporated portions of Marin County. Check your street address here to find out. 

If you are looking for Building and Planning permits, click here.