Design Advisory Committee

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About the committee: Through solicitation of input and engagement with the community, the Design Advisory Committee will assist the City in reviewing design concepts and help to define a scope of work for the Downtown Project, also known as the Downtown Paving, Sidewalk and Utility Improvement Project.

The Design Advisory Committee is a key conduit to the larger community and the multiple stakeholder perspectives they represent. The group will:

  • Provide input on project scope and design concepts, explore alternatives, evaluate concept plans and select preferred plans with the attainable funding.
  • Provide input on practical construction phasing, cognizant of funding, circulation, disruption, and effect on businesses.Facilitate an open and transparent process of education, inquiry, exploration of alternatives, and consensus building around design alternatives.
  • To this end, members will:
    - Provide input on the engagement strategy. 
    - Represent community interests, aspirations, and concerns.
    - Serve as ambassadors to the greater community by distributing project information to the community, encouraging their participation in workshops, and playing an active role in workshops and outreach events.

Staff will present the Design Advisory Committee’s recommendation to the City Council on the proposed scope of work, project phasing and design concept.

Committee Members
Mayor Sashi McEntee Clayton Kunz Bob Reynolds
Betsy Bikle Mike Son Helen Russel
Fabio Aversa Larry Davis Ryan Canepa
 Jeffrey Levin    

DAC Meeting Documents can be found here

Ahmed A. Aly, Project Manager
Phone: (415) 384-4755


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