Marin Clean Highways Works with City of Mill Valley to Beautify Hamilton and Hwy 101 Intersection

Spectacular visual changes are coming to the Mill Valley frontage road near the Hamilton Drive and Highway 101 intersection.  Alert motorists may have noticed that 800-feet of the frontage road has already been cleared of weeds, and soon native plants will be installed along the fence line.

This beautification project is the result of the combined efforts of the nonprofit Marin Clean Highways; resident M.A. ReyBear ; Johnson’s Tree and Garden; RHAA Landscape Architecture; and the City of Mill Valley;

Five years ago, Jill Whitebook and Vicky Dehnert created Marin Clean Highways to deal with the unsightly weeds on City property along the frontage road fence line. 

“The long-neglected strip of frontage road at Seminary Drive is the entrance street to many of our homes and businesses,” noted Whitebook. 

“It’s been rewarding to see our efforts pay off,” added Dehnert.

Marin Clean Highways worked with RHAA Landscape Architecture and gained project approval from the City of Mill Valley.  Andrew Johnson of Johnson’s Tree and Garden generously donated his time and materials.

Marin Clean Highways continues to raise funds to clear the entire Mill Valley Highway 101 frontage road of debris.  The organization contracted with the San Rafael Downtown Streets Team to pick up debris weekly.  The project was so successful that the City of Mill Valley voted to contract directly with the Downtown Streets Team.

The new plants will be installed November 13-15.  Whitebook and Dehnert hope this project will encourage others to make a lasting, beautiful change to our frontage roads and highways.  All are invited to the corner of Hamilton Dr. and the frontage road on Nov. 15 at 12:00 to view the results.