Mill Valley Housing Summit

Join us for a community discussion on how to maintain, enhance and create affordable housing for our local community and workforce.

For questions about the event contact Danielle Staude, Senior Planner, at

Where: Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto, Mill Valley, CA, 94941



6:30-6:50 PM

I.        Welcome (Mayor, Jessica Sloan)

II.       Overview (City Manager, Jim McCann)

  • Introductions
  • Purpose of Summit
  • Review of General Plan Goals & Recent Accomplishments to Address Housing

 III.      Housing Needs (Moderator, Karen Warner)

 6:50-8:00 PM

IV.     Panel Discussion

  • Topic 1:  Protecting and Enhancing Our Existing Affordable Units (15 minutes)
  • Topic 2:  Acquiring and Converting Existing Units to Affordable Units (20 minutes)
  • Topic 3:  Creating and Building New Affordable Units (25 minutes)
  • Final Thoughts from Panelists (10 minutes)

8:00-8:30 PM

V.      Identifying Interests & Priorities

  • Public Comments and Questions to Panelists
  • Dot Exercise: What you would like the City to prioritize and/or fund? 

Moderator: Karen Warner
Housing Specialist: Karen Warner Associates


  • Ric Capretta: Planning Commissioner, Capretta Architecture
  • Bruce Dorfman: Resident, Education Housing Partners/Thompson Dorfman Company
  • Lewis Jordan: Marin Housing Authority, Executive Director
  • Andrea Osgood: Eden Housing, Director of Real Estate Development
  • Leelee Thomas: Marin County, Housing Planning Manager
  • Danielle Staude: Mill Valley, Senior Planner