Ways to Avoid Package Thefts

During the holiday season there is almost always an increase in the number of package thefts.  As we order products online and receive packages from friends and family it is even more important to monitor your incoming packages. Here are some ways you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of theft:

  1. Track your packages online. Schedule shipment to arrive at a time you’ll be home to avoid a thief intercepting your order.

  2. For expensive items being shipped consider requesting a signature for delivery so it doesn’t stay unaccounted for on your porch.

  3. Consider having packages shipped to a UPS Store or Amazon Locker location where the security will not be compromised.

  4.  If it’s an option, customize your delivery preference with special instructions. Delivery drivers can deliver packages to neighbors or behind a fence or plant on the front porch with recipient authorization.

  5. If you have security cameras make sure they are on and functioning properly and facing your front porch area where your package would likely be delivered.

  6. Ask a neighbor to pick up your packages if delivery is scheduled when you aren’t home.

  7. If allowed, have packages delivered to your workplace to reduce chances of package theft and loss.

  8. If you are going out of town, the Post Office can put a vacation hold on your mail between 3 to 30 days. When you return home mail can be delivered or picked up depending on your preference.

  9. Consider renting a PO Box for important mail if feasible for your situation. PO Boxes are secure and only you will have access to it with a unique key.

Effective solutions for package thefts will require input from the entire community. You know your neighborhood best and know if something looks suspicious. If you see something, say something! The Mill Valley Police Department relies on your knowledge. Please report any suspicious activity as soon as possible so that law enforcement can investigate the situation promptly. If you notice trends regarding when package theft occurs in your area, like time of day or day of the week, let MVPD know. Through our combined efforts and mutual support, we can create successful resolutions to this problem.

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