Mill Valley Public Art Program Artist Statement of Qualifications Request

Mill Valley Arts Commission
Public Art Program
Artist Statement of Qualifications Request

The City of Mill Valley's Arts Commission is currently soliciting local artists interested in participating in the City's new Public Art Program. If you are a professional artist, who specializes in the creation of public artwork, and would like to be considered for a future public art project, please consider submitting an Artist Statement of Qualifications, via this online application. The Arts Commission hopes to create a list of talented local artists through this process and it is an excellent way to introduce yourself and your artwork to the City. Once selected, artists will then be provided Requests for Proposal (RFPs) as public art projects are identified by the Public Art Committee, and approved by the Arts Commission and the City Council and become open for bid. In the future, the Arts Commission anticipates a variety of exhibition opportunities in its development of the City's Public Art Program including the donation of artwork, the lease of artwork, the commission of artwork and the acquisition of artwork.


The Artist Statement of Qualifications shall include as a minimum the following from the artist:  

  • A cover letter introducing themselves, expressing their interest in the project and the reason why they should be selected by the Mill Valley Arts Commission and the City of Mill Valley.

  • An Artist's Statement.

  • An Artistic Resume with examples of at least 1 to 3 public artworks that have been completed and the locations where they might be observed.

  • At least one image of each completed art piece listed on resume.

  • At least one client reference and summary of project and construction cost related to each project listed on resume, including a list of local Northern California projects in development, if any.

  • Acknowledgements:

    • Artist will be solely responsible for the maintenance of temporary public art.

    • Artist has reviewed and is familiar with the City of Mill Valley's Public Art Policy (PAP) and Public Art Program Art in Public Places.

Background: The City's new Public Art Program, Art in Public Places, a strongly held community component of the City's 2040 General Plan, was approved by City Council in September 2017. The City Budget FY 2016/2018 includes initial funding for the Arts Commission's pilot Public Art Program, which will welcome the temporary installation of a few sculptures, decoration of utility boxes owned by the City, donation of art benches and other pieces of public art in Mill Valley. The Arts Commission is currently working with the Parks & Recreation Commission, and the greater community, in considering appropriate public locations for the temporary installation of outdoor artworks and will advocate for the development of a philanthropic program for donations and gifts of public art.

 Mill Valley Arts Commission's Public Art Program, Art in Public Places, is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through transformation of ordinary objects. Artworks selected as part of the City's new Public Art Program are intended to delight, fascinate and encourage community bonding and social engagement.   


To view the Art in Public Places program click here
To view the governing document of the Arts Commission's Public Art Program, the City of Mill Valley's Public Art Policy
click here

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