County of Marin Survey Seeks Input on Pollution

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Pollution in our waterways is a significant problem that stems from many sources – from trash that ends up in San Francisco Bay to pesticides swept from lawns into creeks by gardening practices or stormwater. The Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program (MCSTOPPP) is asking residents to complete a Stormwater Pollution Prevention & Awareness Survey to help understand the public’s awareness of potential pollutant-generating activities in Marin County.

MCSTOPPP conducts education and outreach to residents to prevent pollution from getting into the storm drains, which flow directly to waterways. The newly released short survey will help MCSTOPPP by identifying gaps in public knowledge about practices that generate pollutants, hurt water quality, and threaten wildlife that depend on healthy water. The results of the survey will allow MCSTOPPP to target outreach where it is most needed.

“We’re asking residents to help us understand ‘the state of pollution’ in Marin County,” said Rob Carson, Administrator of MCSTOPPP. “Many of our daily activities can generate pollution, whether we know about it or not. This survey will help us understand where more education is needed, and where Marin residents are already doing the environmentally responsible thing.”

To learn about the many ways to reduce pollutants in our waterways, visit the MCSTOPPP website