Miller Avenue Refinements

The Miller Avenue Streetscape Project set a goal of creating a safer thoroughfare for all users, from drivers and transit riders to cyclists and pedestrians.  Now that the Miller Avenue construction project is substantially complete, our City Engineers are collecting input and assessing the roadway’s design elements to determine if adjustments are needed to improve the function of the corridor.  Your input is very welcome to help us identify areas for improvement.

We have heard that backing from some median parking spaces as well as visibility through the Miller/Reed intersection can be difficult for some motorists.  We appreciate this input, have taken steps to address these comments, and will continue to assess the areas for further improvement.  We have removed a tree from the median near the Miller/Reed intersection and have restricted vehicle parking and vehicle height in the parking spaces near the Miller/Reed intersection to improve sightlines. Additionally, more than a dozen trees, planted in the medians along Miller Avenue, will be relocated to enhance sightlines and increase visibility for motorists using these parking spaces. We will monitor and take additional steps to improve function and increase visibility along Miller Avenue as needed.

Enhanced Speed and Traffic Enforcement

The Mill Valley Police Department (MVPD) is aware of heightened traffic and speed concerns on Miller Avenue. MVPD is addressing these concerns with enhanced speed enforcement operations.  If you drive on Miller Avenue, be sure to drive the speed limit, come to a full stop at stop signs, and stop for pedestrians when they are crossing the street.

MVPD has performed 3 targeted traffic enforcement and pedestrian safety enforcement operations on Miller since October 2017 and issued 46 citations for excessive speed and other safety violations or issues along the corridor.  We will continue to focus on speed and safety issues along Miller and ask your assistance in achieving our goal of making Miller Ave a safe and pleasant roadway for all users.

We appreciate hearing from community members about your experiences using the new street. If you would like to submit a comment or suggestion, please contact or call 415-384-4800.