City of Mill Valley Releases Maintenance Plan on City-Owned Eucalyptus Trees

The City of Mill Valley recently hired CalTLC to provide an independent opinion of the tree conditions, and maintenance needs, of the City owned Eucalyptus trees. The report they provided staff includes identification and mitigation options will allow the City to manage the trees at an acceptable risk level.

CalTLC has been inspecting the eucalyptus trees in Mill Valley since 1988. The first inventory recommended that “healthy trees be cared for as historic resources within the community, and that unhealthy, unsafe or nuisance trees be taken down.” The first inventory of trees contained 374 trees, with 107 removed due to substantial structural defects or property damage.

This inventory included 81 eucalyptus trees located in the City Right-of-Way or in parks. Most of these trees have a strong, stable trunk structure, although 11 trees were found to be declining or are recommended to be removed due to structural defects. These trees could be removed as one separate contract or in the priorities as listed.

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