Trees Down, Road Closures, Power Outages – A Summary of The Recent Storm

On Friday, April 6, a late season storm system with unseasonably high moisture content brought periods of rain, heavy at times, to the Mill Valley area.

Mill Valley staff prepared for the storm by assigning additional staffing, preparing sandbags and other storm-response equipment and materials, and initiated communications to the community to prepare them for the incoming storm.

During the storm, twenty-four-hour rainfall totals reached 5 inches in Mill Valley, swelling our creeks and approaching flood stage levels in a few low-lying areas prone to flooding. Fire Department officials issued an alert Friday afternoon to residents in the Sycamore Triangle area of Mill Valley, an area with a history of flooding. Residents were cautioned to move cars out of the area and to prepare for the possibility of flooding. One of the major creeks through town, the Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio, reached 7.32 ft at 3:48 pm on Friday, April 6, and 7.57 ft at 4:15 am on Saturday, April 7. The flood waters did not reach the top of the bank, but some local ponding was observed as water emptied through the storm drain system.

Public safety personnel responded to several trees which fell on roadways and on one structure. On Oakdale Avenue, a large tree fell into the roadway and came in contact with electrical equipment, causing a power outage that lasted for several hours for over 700 residents in the Cascade Canyon area.

There were also reports of one minor landslide, and pooling of water on many surface streets throughout town. There were no reports of issues on Miller Avenue - the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project improvements worked well and helped to contain storm waters with no issues at our previous problem areas near the 2 AM Club.

We express our appreciation to City of Mill Valley Fire, Police and Public Works staff, and our partners at the Southern Marin Fire Protection District, who responded quickly to issues throughout the storm.

View photos and video of the storm activity here.

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