MERA Next Generation Project Update

The Marin Emergency Radio Authority (MERA) will be preparing a Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report for the proposed Next Generation Radio Communications System Project.

Background: The MERA radio system is vital for emergency countywide communications between police, firefighters and public works crews. The emergency communications system is a network of radio antennas and equipment linked with microwave connections. However, the combination of older equipment and recent changes to frequency requirements now requires an upgrade of the radio communications system. Funding for the system is generated by a parcel tax that was authorized by Marin County voters in 2014.

Project Update: The current system includes 15 active communications sites. The MERA Next Gen System would retain and upgrade 10 of the functioning sites, decommission five existing sites and add equipment to eight new sites, which include previously developed infrastructure not part of the MERA system.

Two proposed changes in Mill Valley include a new proposed site at the MMWD Water Tank located at Sequoia Valley Road and Edgewood Avenue, and decommissioning the site located at Mill Valley City Hall.

Next Generation Project Documents

Request for Comments:

To ensure that the SEIR for this project is thorough, adequate, and meets the needs of all agencies reviewing it, MERA requests your comments on the scope and content of the Draft SEIR within the 30-day comment period, which closes June 18, 2018.

Written comments may be forwarded electronically via email or mailed with postmarks on or before the closing date, to:

Ernest Klock, MERA Operations Officer
3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 304
San Rafael, CA 94903

Upcoming Meetings:

Mill Valley City Council: An update to the Mill Valley City Council by representatives from MERA is tentatively scheduled for June 4, 2018. Click here to review the agenda, which will be posted the week of May 28.

Public Scoping Meeting: To ensure that the SEIR will address any additional issues that may be of concern to the public for this proposed project, MERA will also conduct a public scoping meeting. Public Agencies, community groups and interested members of the public are invited to attend the scoping meeting and present oral or written comments on the issues to be evaluated in the Draft SEIR. The public scoping meeting will be held on Thursday, May 31, 2018, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at 3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 330, San Rafael, CA 94903.