Quick Action from Public Works Staff Leads to a New Home for a Thriving Beehive

When the Alexander family moved into their Walnut Ave. home late last year, it didn’t take long for neighbors to swing by to say hello. In doing so, some of them wanted to bend their ears about the tree in front of their home that seemed to both be in poor health and the home of one heck of a beehive.

Kimberly Alexander reached out to the City of Mill Valley earlier this year to ask for help, and found Parks Supervisor Tony Boyd and operations superintendent Denise Andrews quick to act. They evaluated the tree themselves, determining that it was indeed dying. They also connected Alexander with the committee within the Tamalpais Park Neighborhood Association that handles tree requests, and when they signed off, the process moved quickly after that.

In April, City officials removed the tree in sections, a move that allowed them to plug the large beehive and cut out that section of the tree, thus enabling them to relocate the hive to a local, Mill Valley open space, where a thriving bee home would be a welcome addition.

Alexander says she was thrilled at the outcome – as were her neighbors.

“Since then, we’ve had neighbors we didn’t even really know come by to say thank you for getting rid of the beehive,” Alexander says. “They’d say, ‘We’ve hated walking by this house for years because of the bees!’”

City officials also made sidewalk repairs quickly after removing the tree, and Alexander says her family will “happily look after the new tree” planted in front of their home.

“Tony and Denise are outstanding and very dedicated members of our team,” City Manager Jim McCann says. “They regularly go the extra mile to resolve issues and creative approaches are common for them. A nice ending to the story for the beehive too!”

For more information regarding City tree trimming or removals call Department of Public Works at 388-4033 or email