500 Miller Avenue Update


In January 2011, the City approved a proposed nine-unit, attached single-family residential condominium project and a separate two-story, 4,948 square foot commercial building on the site at 500 Miller Avenue. After several state-extensions of the approval for this type of project during the economic recession, and a sale of the property in early 2017, the project finally began construction of site improvements in the summer of 2017. Under state law, the City was required to issue the permit for this first phase of site improvements. These site improvements include site excavation, site retaining walls, and drainage improvements. Images and information on the existing approval can be found here.

While the current approved project remains valid, the new property owners are interested in moving forward with a different building for the site. The proposal would keep the site wall being built, but change the building design that sits in front of it to include 28 condominium units and would distribute the commercial uses throughout the first floor rather than be in a separate building. The new project will be subject to current city regulations, such as the new Mixed-Use Design Guidelines and Development Standards. It will also need to reserve 25% of the housing units (7 units) as Affordable Housing units.

The Planning Commission will hold a Study Session hearing for a preliminary review of the new concept, date to be determined.