Friends of Steps, Lanes, and Paths Started 2019 Off Strong

This SLP is in Blithedale Canyon and connects Magee Lane with Corte Madera Ave. It is regularly used by residents as a fast and direct route from hillside homes to downtown.

“SLP 53 is a long staircase with narrow spacing between each stair,” said Hugh Kuhn, organizer of the Friends of SLPs group. “Many of the stairs had been damaged by water runoff and needed to be dug out, filled in and tamped down. These projects are very physical and require a larger group of volunteers.”

The Friends were able to recruit local Middle School boys from Mill Valley Middle School. These four boys helped carry buckets of gravel up and down the steep staircase and made it possible to complete the project in one three-hour shift.

Each month this amazing group of volunteers works on a different SLP within the network of trails and staircases. The projects take place on the 2nd Saturday of each month and can always use extra hands to help out.

The next project, taking place on Saturday February 9th from 9AM-12PM is SLP 214. This SLP is located just off of West Blithdale adjacent to 218 West Blithedale. Anyone that wants to lend a hand can contact Ronnie Moore, vmoore@cityofmillvalley.orgor call 383-1370. The more the merrier.

Interested in participating? We can use your help, please click here to learn about the City's volunteer opportunities