2018 Slurry Seal Project Set to Begin

The City of Mill Valley is gearing up to begin the 2018 Slurry Seal Project at the end of July into August. Streets affected include:

  • Elm Avenue from Locust Avenue to Sidney Street
  • La Goma Street from Miller Avenue to Locke Lane
  • Fern Avenue from Locust Avenue to Sycamore Avenue
  • Valley Circle from Plymouth Avenue to Sycamore Avenue (east end)
  • Cascade Drive from Marion Avenue to Laurel Street
  • Catalpa Avenue from East Blithedale to Fern Avenue
  • Elma Street from Lovell Street to Throckmorton Avenue
  • Manor Terrace from Elm Avenue to north end
  • Park Avenue from Walnut Avenue to Miller Avenue
  • Community Center Parking Lot
  • City Hall Parking Lot


Please see the map here.


The work will include lane and street closures to ensure safety during construction. Notification of street closures will be provided via notices to residents living on the affected streets as well as posted street closure signs.  For more information including updated schedule, please visit  If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Chan, Associate Engineer, at (415) 384-4807.