Mill Valley’s 2018 Street Slurry Project is Underway!

Nine residential streets and two public parking lots are included in this portion of the City’s annual pavement improvement project. The Slurry Seal project will take several weeks and will be completed in phases. Crack sealing, a localized activity during which a hot rubberized polymer is injected into pavement cracks to prevent moisture damage and extend pavement life, was completed on all streets and parking lots on July 25.

Asphalt repairs to both parking lots were completed on July 30 and 31. The City was able to complete the repair work with minimal closures to the City Hall parking lot. The Community Center lot remained open and operating during the work. The Department of Public Works and the Community Center staff are extremely appreciative of the cooperation, patience, and kind thanks given by so many members of the community. Next up, the streets will receive a slurry coat, while both parking lots receive a seal coating. These coatings involve larger equipment placing a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate and other additives onto the existing pavement, strengthening it and protecting it from deterioration. Because coatings will cover the entirety of the street or parking lot asphalt, streets and parking lots will be closed the day the work is done.

Streets should be reopened in time for the afternoon commute. The work is scheduled the week of the August 12 to coincide with the annual Community Center maintenance closure. The final phase is the replacement of traffic striping. Work is planned to begin the week of August 12 and may carry over to the week of August 19. This work will require short term localized road closures. Residents of affected streets will receive notification of scheduling via US mail approximately 72 hours in advance of street closures. 

Project contractors are working in areas affected by the California wildfires and may be asked to perform road work related to fire damage. We thank the community in advance for their understanding that our project schedule may see slight shifts based on these urgent demands. The Department of Public Works staff will maintain an updated schedule here.