City Council Adopts Ordinance to Regulate Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

At their meeting on Thursday evening, the Mill Valley City Council unanimously adopted an urgency ordinance, with modifications, strengthening language in regards to regulating wireless telecommunications facilities in Mill Valley.

“We are for high speed internet in MV for our residents and businesses who use it,” Mayor Stephanie Moulton-Peters stated. “We support thoughtful implementation and careful deployment of new equipment, utilizing existing locations in our commercial districts, and other locations when it can be shown that there is a gap in service coverage in a specific area. We will be pursuing additional information regarding wireless coverage and gaps in the coming months."

New wireless telecommunication facilities are permitted in commercial and open space zoning districts in Mill Valley.  Wireless carriers will be required to apply for a Conditional Use Permit that will be reviewed by the Mill Valley Planning Commission for any new wireless facility and the Zoning Administrator for smaller amendments to existing CUPs.  

 Wireless facilities on rooftops on private property may qualify for a ministerial review and approval based on state and federal laws related to collocation of facilities.  Wireless telecommunications in the right-of-way in commercial areas must be 1,500 apart.  Approvals will be granted based on Development Standards, Design Guidelines, Findings and Conditions of Approval established in the new ordinance.  

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For more information, contact Danielle Staude, Senior Planner at or (415) 388-4033.