Cypress Trail – Closed to Bikes and Horses

The Cypress Trail is located in the Cascade Canyon neighborhood and runs just above Rose Ave. It connects Cypress Avenue to the Monte Vista and Tenderfoot trails. (See map below).

In 1995, the Mill Valley City Council adopted a Resolution prohibiting the riding or use of bicycles or horses on the Cypress Trail. The City Council determined that the joint use of the Cypress Trail by hikers and bicyclists or equestrians was not feasible and would lead to continuing conflict between trail users. They also cited the risk of environmental damage and injuries to recreational users.

One of the signs on Cypress Trail was recently defaced and removed from the trail. The sign has been updated and replaced by the City’s Public Works Department.

Offenders will be fined $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and $500 for the third and additional offenses. The Mill Valley City Manager has requested Police to conduct regular patrols of the area, especially on weekends.

Follow up questions may be directed to Lieutenant Lindsay Haynes at 415-389-4100.