Rose & Hazel Ave Tree Removal Community Meeting Overview

On Sept 24 the Mill Valley Fire Department and Department of Public Works staff held an informational meeting with community members to discuss intersection improvements at Rose/Hazel Avenues. The intersection has been identified by the Fire Department as requiring improvements to accommodate both Fire Department equipment and equipment from nearby agencies that provide support during events. Staff reviewed the overall Fire Access Improvement and Vegetation Management programs and the City’s overall efforts to improve Mill Valley and mutual aid emergency response.  

The Department of Public Works shared and discussed three possible options that had been developed and evaluated for improving the intersection. Each of the options involved removing trees, with two of the options requiring significant infrastructure improvements (large retaining wall, or bridging over the creek). The selected option is advantageous for a number of reasons, such as lowest cost, least amount of construction disruption, fastest to implement, impacts a similar, or smaller number of trees and does not require permits from other agencies to implement. The final design involves raising the surface of Hazel Ave approximately two feet, lowering Rose Avenue approximately one foot, and removing seven redwood trees on the inside of the intersection curve. The area where the trees are being removed will be regraded to match the new elevations on Rose and Hazel to accommodate the emergency equipment.  The trees will be removed in the next week or so in conjunction with the PG&E Wildfire mitigation work that is currently occurring. The remaining intersection improvements are expected to occur in the Spring of 2019.