WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for October 18, 2018

The Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin launched their 2-year, $20 million Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) rehabilitation project in April 2018. Improvements include infrastructure modernization, increased reliability and efficiency, electrical upgrades, and odor reduction. The project is now 45% complete.

Construction work continues to progress on schedule and on budget. Work completed during the past month includes:  

  • Completed all concrete repairs including an application of a 240 mil thick polyurethane spray coating to influent wet well #1, pista grit chamber, and influent channel #1 
  •  Trickling Filter #2 replacement was completed, seeded, tested, and placed in operation
  •  The replacement of two grit pumps, piping, and the sump pump located in the Influent Pump Room
  •  Recoating of the Primary Clarifiers plus the replacement of all piping, mechanical gears, rails, chain, flights, scum trough, and three-water piping 
  •  Delivery of two large sections for the new odor control facility plus some mechanical equipment

The remaining work activities scheduled to be completed and operational by the end of October includes Screen Bar #1, Grit Classifier, Conveyor Belt System, and Primary Clarifiers  #1 & #2, and MCC-2 (phase II)

Other planned work to be completed by the end of the year includes: 

  • Installing and commissioning of a new odor control system involving the odor control media towers, ductwork, exhaust and supply fans, PLC, electrical controller and components
  •  A 4,000 gallon above-ground storage diesel fuel tank, piping, and leak detection system for the emergency generators
  •  A new Motor Control Center (MCC-4) located within the Maintenance Building to distribute power to Primary Clarifiers

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 Repairing and Reconditioning of Influant Pump Wet Wells


 Rebuilding Trickling Filter #2 Replacement Work 

 Grit Pumps and Piping Replacement