PG&E Plans Helicopter Power Line Patrols to Begin October 24, 2018

UPDATE: PG&E’s 2018 Community Wildfire Safety Program

Vegetation Management

Please direct questions to PG&E   1-877-295-4949

PG&E Plans Helicopter Power Line Patrols to Begin October 24, 2018

Beginning October 24, 2018, PG&E is scheduled to use a helicopter to patrol power lines in the Tier-3 (High Fire Threat District) areas of Marin County as part of vegetation and safety work. This work is part of their Community Wildfire Safety Program ( to further reduce the risk of trees coming into contact with lines. Please note that weather delays may result in patrol schedules shifting into the following days/weeks.

Helicopter flight crews work with FAA approved flight paths and may inspect vegetation and power lines for several minutes before moving to the next inspection area. Inclement weather, such as fog, may pause flight operations and will resume when safe to do so. Customers may call PG&E at 1-877-295-4949 or with any questions.


Please check back often as City staff will update the schedules as we receive updates from PG&E.  

Please note that in some cases, trimming or removal of trees or shrubs on private property may be necessary to ensure wildfire safety.  PG&E will contact property owners prior to any work on their property.

Information on future locations will be included in future updates on the City’s website as well as

For a current list of permitted Road Impacts go to