Atrium Project comes to the Community Center

As part of the City's new Public Art Program, Art in Public Places, we are proud to introduce the Center's first Atrium Project.

Atrium Projects are temporary site-specific art installations exhibited in the Mill Valley Community Center's Lobby Atrium.

Artists interested in exhibition opportunities should sign up for the Arts Commission emails at or may contact Arts Coordinator Kathryn Yost at for more information.

Lobby Atrium Mobile Art Installation by Teresa Rea

“Family Tree” created with Copper wire, copper sheet metal, and acrylic paint.

Teresa Rea has been making mobiles for the past 15 years. Her studio is called Aireal Arts, located at 41 Alvarado Avenue, Mill Valley, CA. Teresa's work focuses on mobiles and wall sculptures comprised of sheet metal and wire.

Artist Statement “Nothing is constant but change”. That saying, by the Greek Heraclitus, has shaped my life and art in important ways. I live my life with the peaceful understanding (after years of struggle, of course) that he was right: the only thing we can count on is change! With that and my eternal fascination with earth’s most fluid yet form-giving element water and nature’s patterns, I create the opposite of still-lifes.

I get great pleasure out of the fact that my mobiles do not hold still – a person simply walking by or a breeze from a window will alter a mobile’s composition. When I create the basic arrangement, I try to find a composition that will be pleasing in each of the ways it may be seen. This way, a mobile in your stairwell or living room or a vast public space will be a constant source of interest, filling the void it enlivens. Mobiles animate space that was undefined and make the whole room and experience more interesting as they dance in the air.

The forms I employ are drawn from 50 years of observing our world, especially the patterns and colors in nature. My reflections on nature guide the pencil in my hand. And when I sketch the wrong curve of a form or add the wrong color, I know it immediately because it contradicts what should be the essence of that form. This is one of the mysterious and wonderful parts of the design process and the manufacturing of my artwork. It is a rare mobile that turns out the way I envisioned it initially! ~ Teresa Rea

Teresa Rea, Metal Arts Design
Aireal Arts Studio
(415) 388-5775