WWTP Rehabilitation Project Update for January 14, 2019

The Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin launched their 2-year, $20 million Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) rehabilitation project in April 2018. Improvements include infrastructure modernization, increased reliability and efficiency, electrical upgrades, and odor reduction. The project is now 63% complete.

Construction work continues to progress on schedule and on budget. Starting in February, work crews will perform the following:

  • Equipment testing
  • A 6-week seeding process
  • Commissioning the new odor control system.

Planned work scheduled in 2019 includes the replacement of:

  • Trickling Filter #1
  • Primary Clarifiers #3 & #4 Improvements
  • Emergency Generators Replacement
  • Paint interior walls
  • A new Motor Control Center located within the Headworks Building to distribute power to Primary Clarifiers #1-#4
  • The replacement of outdoor lighting with energy efficient LED fixtures
  • Main Electrical Switchgear Improvements (pending funds availability)
  • Secondary Clarifiers #1 & #2 Improvements (pending funds availability)

Summary of Major Project & Equipment Replacement Activities Completed in 2018:

  • Concrete repairs plus a special polyurethane coating to Wet Wells #1 & #2, Pista Grit Chamber, and Influent Channels #1 & #2.  
  • The mechanical equipment replacement of Screen Bar #1 & #2, Grit piping and pumps #1 & #2, Grit Classifier, Conveyor Belt System, and Sump Pumps #1 & #2, and four large sluice gate replacements.
  • Trickling Filter #2 was replaced and placed in operation. 
  • The associated piping system for Primary Clarifiers #1-4, plus mechanical gears, rails, chain, flights, scum trough, and three-water piping to Primary Clarifiers #1 and #2.
  • Phase A and B installation of Motor Control Center (MCC-2) which distributes power to the various process equipment within the Headworks Building
  • Installed a 4,000 gallon above-ground storage diesel fuel tank, piping, and leak detection system for the emergency generators.
  • Commissioning of Motor Control Center (MCC-2)

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Odor Control Facility from Inside

Odor Control Facility from outside

Areas of Major Rehabilitation. Click here to enlarge.