Tam High Lacrosse Team Joins Volunteers at Bayfront Meadow

Wanda Headrick, a local resident, has been overseeing the care of the Meadow and was thrilled to have so many helpers.

“The Tam High Lacrosse team did a fine job of taking down overgrown grass and wild radish from the soon-to-be-planted portion of the 4th berm,” said Headrick. “Not only were these weeds 3' high in most areas, the wild radish had roots approaching one foot deep which had to be extracted.”

Under the masterful direction of volunteer Steve Jaber, volunteers Susan Kelly, Pat LaRocca, Hans Adler and Dave Chenoweth with grandson Will weeded the area of the berm which had been planted last November with California native plants and filled in bare areas with more natives.

“Their youthful enthusiasm was greatly appreciated,” said Headrick. “The day was an overwhelming success - we have already received numerous positive comments from Meadow users!”

Interested in participating? We can use your help, please click here to learn about the City's volunteer opportunities