City Passes Measure A Compliance Audit with “No Findings”

March 4, 2019

The City recently received notice that it has completed the Transportation Authority of Marin’s (TAM’s) 2018 Measure A ½-Cent Transportation Sales Tax funded projects/programs compliance audit process. The City received a clean audit with no findings.

The compliance audit process is required for each agency that received Measure A funds, with audit compliance standards set by the Measure A ½-Cent Transportation Sales Tax Expenditure Plan. The compliance audit, conducted by Vavrinek, Trine Day & Co., LLP, shows that the City Engineer’s Division fully complied with the grant terms for use of the funds and that the City’s Finance Department properly accounted for and documented the expenditures. The conclusion of “No Findings” means that they found nothing amiss or in error by either department. 

The Measure A ½-Cent Transportation Sales Tax was approved by Marin voters in 2004 and started collecting revenues in 2005. Measure A authorized the collection of sales tax revenues over a 20-year period, and raised over $25 million dollars each year dedicated to local transportation projects and programs.

Mill Valley benefitted from Measure A-funded projects and programs such as regional and local roadway improvements that enabled safer, multi-modal access to schools, and support for County-wide transit services. The City received $11,711 ,798 from the Measure A ½-Cent Transportation Sales Tax for the Miller Avenue Streetscape Project, which cost a total of $16,477,626. The project, completed in 2017, provided continuous bike lanes, improved sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, and replacement and repairs to pavement, storm drains, and sanitary sewers along Miller Avenue.

The project has won awards from the American Public Works Association, the League of California Cities and California Transportation Foundation for utilizing new technologies, sustainable features, the efficient use of public resources, and ingenuity in the design and delivery of a major public works project. Learn more.

In 2018, Marin voters approved the renewal of the 1/2-cent transportation sales tax and expenditure plan. The ½-cent transportation sales tax will fund core transportation needs in Marin, including local street and road maintenance, Safe Routes to Schools programs, high quality transit service and highway and interchange improvements.

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