City Council Approves One Travel Lane Configuration for the Parkway Room Portion of Miller Avenue

At their March 4, 2019 meeting, the Mill Valley City Council considered a recommendation for the permanent roadway and parking configuration for the Parkway Room portion of Miller Avenue, from Millwood Street to Willow Street.

Council reviewed an evaluation of the one lane roadway, including an environmental analysis, transportation and parking survey, and an assessment of the effectiveness of the lane configuration for emergency evacuation. The environmental analysis determined that there are no significant impacts associated with the one lane configuration. The transportation study concluded that, for daily use of Miller Avenue, extending the one lane configuration has not negatively impacted traffic congestion, safety, travel speeds or cut-through traffic. The study collected and analyzed vehicle traffic counts, neighborhood cut-throughs, vehicle traffic speeds, collision data and parking demand.

Council also considered input from City public safety officials, who advised that the one lane roadway configuration accommodates emergency and potential evacuation operations, and that the one lane configuration will accommodate two streams of traffic in the same direction.

After more than 3 hours of public and expert input, and evaluation of technical data, Council approved a Resolution to amend the Miller Avenue Streetscape Plan to provide one lane of travel in each direction with buffered bicycle lanes and curbside parking.

Council directed that restrictions on curbside parking be developed for future City Council consideration and adoption for this segment of Miller Avenue. The restrictions are intended to enhance access and evacuation capabilities during hazardous conditions or evacuation situations. City staff will seek community input on a range of parking restriction alternatives and will present a recommendation to the City Council for action at a future meeting.

Councilmembers Moulton-Peters, Wickham and McEntee voted in the affirmative. Councilmember McCauley dissented, and Councilmember Sloan was absent.

“I and my council colleagues take emergency evacuations very seriously – the threat of wildfire is a part of the reality of living in Mill Valley,” Mayor Moulton-Peters said. “We have listened to all the public commentary, and reviewed the letters. We thank everyone who contributed to the discussion - your input has really helped us focus closely on the issues and to seek an approach that strikes the right balance.”

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