Join Us for a Proposed Wildfire Protection Ordinance Workshop

Proposed Wildfire Protection Ordinance Workshop
June 10, 2019 - 6:30 pm
Golf Clubhouse, 267 Buena Vista Ave

Learn about how you can protect your home from the threat of wildfire and how we can protect our community.

As a City, our number one job is public safety, and wildfires are one of the biggest challenges we face right now. We have seen drastic changes in the numbers of catastrophic fires in our region, and it brings home the message that we live in a different time. This calls for new, enhanced levels of action. 

Last fall, Fire Chief Tom Welch introduced new proposed regulations to require that property owners in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) play an enhanced role in vegetation management in our community.

The proposed ordinance will enhance prevention and require homes in the WUI to:

  • Remove vegetation from 3' around buildings. Hardscape and succulents are permitted in this area.
  • Remove specific highly flammable vegetation 30' from buildings and 10 feet along property lines and driveways. This includes Acacia, Bamboo, Juniper, and Italian Cypress.

"Keeping our community safe is our number one priority. With the changing conditions in fighting wildfires, it is even more crucial that we all do our part to address fire safety issues."
- Mayor Jim Wickham

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