Downtown Project Update: Upcoming Sewer Work

The Downtown Project will focus on upgrading the infrastructure – below and above ground – in the Downtown area. The project’s goals are to repair the sanitary sewer system, repave the roadways, make drainage improvements, and improve accessibility.

The initial phase of the project will focus on repairing the sanitary sewer system - a much needed investment in aging infrastructure and the protection of groundwater and environmental sustainability.


On June 10 and 11, 2019, work crews from Subtronic Corp. and 360 Pipeline Inspections will be working around the Downtown area - conducting "potholing" and CCTV Inspections.

What is "potholing"? Potholing is the practice of digging a test hole to expose underground utilities to ascertain the horizontal and vertical location of the facility. 

What are "CCTV Inspections?  Closed Circuit Television Video, or CCTV is  used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines, plumbing systems, and storm drains.

Potholing work:

The contractor will cut a small circular hole into the street pavement at the location of the utility. They will then extract the existing soil until the utility is located. The depth will be documented and then the hole patched with asphalt.

The work will take place at the four potholes located in front of City Hall on Corte Madera Avenue, as well as one pothole at West Blithedale Avenue at the intersection with Oakdale Avenue.

CCTV Inspections:

Workers will insert video equipment into the sewer system through existing entry points. There is no boring or excavating associated with this work. 

The work will take place here.

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